Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday - ugh!

I was a bad day. Pain kicked me around for a while and I had to break and take something acouple of times. I should have opted for something a little stronger than Excedrin, but I didn't want to spend the day all drugged and groggy. That might have been better than the upset stomach.

It was a starch-fest!

B: 'Cheese' w/Nasoya on rye & a pickle; coffee; supplements

S: PB&J on Nature's Own double fiber wheat bread

L: Chickpea cutlets (from Veganomicon)w/BBQ sauce; water; Crystal Light

D: Wendy's side salad w/a little honey mustard, fries, large light lemonade

S: Sara Lee coffee cake, coffee, & water

I feel the effects of the starchyness - a little bloated and kind of off. I did walk a lot and got in a couple of good stretching sessions, but no real sweat.

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The Michel Family said...

I hope you're feeling better today!

You ate pretty good... Except for the french fries!

What are your goals?

We should treat ourselves to a meet-up once we BOTH reach our goals! Even if it's in a year from now, or two years!

I'm excited that you are my accountability partner. I have tried blogs, accountability, whatnot, with friends, but it's never gone beyond one day. I told my husband all about you. I know... weird. But, I'm excited. Instead of starting to live a LITTLE healthier "tomorrow," I actually started two days ago! Woohoo!