Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day six - gloomy and gray out

Yay, the first tropical storm to threaten the US is a mere 100 miles away. I'm not worried about it because I'm too busy stressing about the closing on Thursday. It's just gloomy out at the moment, no rain or wind. The dogs didn't want to stay outside and that bugs me a little. Maybe they know something I don't. Or maybe they hate the neighbors.

Day 6 of 8MM went well. I'm looking forward to the day off, but it won't really be a day off because more cleaning and semi-heavy lifting will be in order. Yep, still packing and cleaning.

Tonight is Anime Night and that usually means a theme dinner. I'm not sure if we'll do Mexican, Greek, Asian, or something else. Breakfast for dinner always appeals to me. I'm just going to go go with the flow.


Alessia said...

Sending you some apple martinis, a buff cyborg to do all your packing and schlepping, a professional dog walker, and positive vibes.

Sherrie said...

Buff Cyborg & apple martinis? Woohoo! :-) Thanks for the vibes & then some.

The Michel Family said...

Congrats on the first week of 8MM! I'll be packing, cleaning, etc. today too. So, I'm right there with you! Enjoy your Sunday and anime night (That's awesome). And, get pumped for this coming week! XOXO

Sherrie said...

Thanks! I am totally pumped and ready for whatever the new week brings. I hope it's a good one for you, too!